Rare Allele Detection Technology
U.S. Provisional Patent Filed 02FEB2021.

PointSuppressor is a high-fidelity PCR-based assay that suppresses the amplification of unwanted targets, lowering the limit of detection, increasing throughput, and decreasing sequencing costs. While other technologies sort through the haystack (normal DNA) to find the needles (cancer mutations), PSP simply eliminates the haystack to expose and amplify the needles.

PointSuppressor™ Rare Allele Detection Technology

Technology Benefits

  • Ultra-sensitive method suppresses wild type amplification and allows rare mutant detection down to a remarkable 0.02% limit of detection
  • Specifically designed for cell free DNA, efficient detection between 1ng to 50ng of DNA input
  • Excellent multiplexing scalability within a single multiplex PCR pool (1-100 amplicons)
  • 1,000 fold cost benefit with fewer instruments, faster turnaround time smaller laboratory footprint.
  • Mutant DNA sequences are NEVER introduced to further prevent false positive results and maximize assay specificity

Proprietary Ribonucleotide Primer Technology Disables Amplification of Wild Type (normal) Alleles.

Two simple additions to a high-fidelity PCR enable this incredible suppression of wild type background and exponential amplification of mutant signals. We use a ribonucleotide to match wild type DNA that is only removed by a proofreading enzyme if mutated. The mutant copies are amplified but normal copies are prevented from undergoing PCR amplification.