Powering the Future of Liquid Biopsy

RhoDx is dedicated to unleashing the power of liquid biopsy to fight cancer. Our cell free DNA/RNA enrichment technologies deliver transformative improvements in performance and efficiency to ensure liquid biopsy will be an accessible and effective weapon against cancer.

RhoDx Liquid Biopsy (LBx) Technology

LBx testing requires the most sensitive ctDNA detection. Our single tube methods are designed for rapid, ultra-sensitive and cost-efficient mutation detection

NexGenAbler™ – Amplicon

A highly sensitive, specific and quantitative method for target-specific, ctDNA amplification using an efficient single tube protocol.

PointSuppressor™ Single Nucleotide

High fidelity PCR assay that suppresses amplification of wild type DNA lowering the limit of detection of rare mutant alleles to <0.02%.

NexGenAbler™ – Capture

Disruptive technology that incorporates strength Hybrid Capture without the complexity, cost, and long turnaround time.